On December 7, 2023 in Hanoi, the Vietnam Journalists Association organized an international press conference “Digital press office management: Theory, practice, experience in the ASEAN region”. Co-chairing the workshop with the leaders of the Vietnam Journalists Association are representatives of the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and representatives of a number of press agencies such as Vietnam News Agency and Radio Tieng. Speaking of Vietnam, Vietnam Television Station…EON Reality Vietnam is proud to be the only technology enterprise attending this event and has brought technology products and solutions for Virtual Reality (AR), Reality Augmented Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied in the field of Journalism and Digital Newsroom management.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Lam delivered the opening speech at the Conference

Attending the conference were 07 international delegations from the ASEAN Press Federation, including: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore…

Domestic delegates attending the Conference are representatives of leaders of Central Boards, ministries, branches and organizations; Party Committee, Standing Committee, Executive Committee of Vietnam Journalists Association; representatives of press agency leaders, central and local Journalists Association levels, scientists, experts, journalists and numerous members of the Vietnam Journalists Association…

Delegates attending the Conference

Currently, Digital Transformation is a global trend that has a profound impact on all areas of the economy – politics – society of countries. In the field of journalism, digital transformation requires applying digital technology to optimize editorial management, improve production, publishing, content distribution and business, etc. thereby optimizing management. editorial office; Create quality products for readers. Grasp the national digital transformation trend, with the goal of building professional, humane and modern press agencies, improving reader experience, creating new revenue sources and promoting the development of the domestic industry. number capacity. The international conference “Digital newsroom management: Theory, practice, and experience in the ASEAN region” created an opportunity to connect and share knowledge and experience among ASEAN countries on digital transformation of newspapers.

Doctor. Pham Thi Thanh, Editor-in-Chief of Information Magazine
Political theoretical science spoke at the Conference

Participating in the session “General theory on digital newsroom management” of the Conference, EON Reality Vietnam in collaboration with Dr. Pham Thi Thanh, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Political Theoretical Science Information, brought a presentation. Essay “Digital assets, Virtual Reality (VR/AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) with journalism activities and digital newsroom management and extremely useful information on technology and management issues” Digital assets for journalistic works, Using AI in journalism and management, Digital newsrooms: management and legality with new trends in technology and content, Formation and development of digital platforms platform combining new technologies with AI”. In addition, EON Reality Vietnam impressed with the presentation of a press work in augmented reality format integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the EON-XR platform, bringing a completely new experience to users. readers compared to conventional online format journalistic works. The presentation was highly appreciated by domestic and international experts and delegates for the application of new technologies of the 4.0 industrial revolution in the development of Digital Assets, transforming the method from implementation 1 journalistic works, to how to experience an article.

Virtual Reality-format journalistic work on the EON-XR platform

At the discussion session with the topic: “Issues and solutions to optimize digital newsroom management in ASEAN countries”, speakers had notable views, especially when mentioning how to manage digital newsrooms in ASEAN countries. How to determine which type of journalism is suitable for readers. Mr. Nguyen Hong Son, General Director of EON Reality Vietnam, shared that it is possible to apply technology to collect information, classify and conduct testing, thereby obtaining feedback data from readers for analysis. , adjust and classify reader groups.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Son, General Director of EON Reality Vietnam shared at the Seminar

Through the workshop, it was shown that the EON-XR platform has the potential to be applied in many fields and at the same time bring a breakthrough in the field of journalism and digital newsroom management. With sustainable development in the field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (AR/VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, EON Reality Vietnam will constantly strive to bring products and services to customers. leading service, promoting community progress and development and innovation in many different fields.


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