The event “TechConnect and Innovation Vietnam 2023,” organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh Province, took place on September 29-30, 2023, in Quang Ninh. As one of the prominent companies participating in this event, EON Reality Vietnam brought technological products and solutions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence applied in various fields such as Education, Business, Healthcare, Tourism, etc.

Central Party Committee member and Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang, along with representatives from government agencies, central and local ministries and departments, embassies, organizations, institutes, schools, domestic and international enterprises, and individuals attended the opening ceremony and visited the technology exhibition booths

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang, along with leaders from ministries and departments, visited the booths at TechConnect and Innovation Vietnam 2023.
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Minister of Science and Technology, Huynh Thanh Dat, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

The TechConnect and Innovation Vietnam 2023 event was organized to promote investment cooperation, applied research, technological development, and innovation, as well as to connect technology supply and demand and enhance collaboration among domestic and international institutes, schools, businesses, and expert networks.

The event attracted over 10,000 participants and featured a space with 200-250 booths and 8 exhibition areas showcasing various technologies. These areas included the high-tech enterprise zone, artificial intelligence technology zone, institute and school zone, intermediary organization zone for science and technology markets, local zone, zone for foreign technology enterprises seeking technology transfer opportunities, Quang Ninh province’s cooperative zone, zone for exemplary technology innovation activities, and zone for science and technology enterprises

Take a closer look at the booth of EON Reality Vietnam.
Customers are experiencing virtual reality technology through the EON-XR platform.

EON Reality Vietnam is a strategic partner and exclusive distributor of the EON Reality Group in Vietnam. EON Reality is a multinational corporation headquartered in California, USA, with over 20 years of experience in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. EON Reality’s global network has over 2.4 million registered users across more than 110 locations in various countries. EON Reality Vietnam is also a member of the OSB Group ecosystem. With over 16 years of operation, the OSB Group is increasingly asserting its position and role as a pioneering enterprise in the fields of technology, telecommunications, and e-commerce in the Vietnamese market, as well as expanding into the regional and international markets.

During the event, EON Reality Vietnam showcased integrated products on the EON-XR platform. EON-XR is an automated and user-friendly AR and VR platform designed to support education, business, healthcare, tourism, architecture, and other fields. This platform enables teachers, trainers, and recruiters to create and share interactive VR and AR lessons easily and intuitively. EON-XR supports enterprise management and business promotion, immersive online training, and virtual meetings. In the tourism industry, EON-XR helps create digital VR representations of urban areas, tourist destinations, museums, and factories. With its revolutionary technology, EON-XR is compatible with all devices and operating systems, providing a smooth experience for video creation and learning. Users can experience learning and training with the world’s leading digital asset library for education and industries, which includes over 6 million assets, models, lectures, more than 8,000 applications, and over 40 million users worldwide.

The booth of EON Reality Vietnam received a lot of attention from various organizations and customers.

English translation: In addition to showcasing and networking activities, businesses, experts, and institutes also engaged in discussions on other prominent topics, such as Technology Spotlight and Emerging Technology Trends (New Materials Technology and Green Energy Technology, Healthcare Technology, and Industry 4.0 Technology).

Mr. Nguyen Hong Son, the CEO of EON Reality Vietnam Joint Stock Company, shared his insights at the Technology Spotlight session.

At the Industry 4.0 Technology Spotlight session, Mr. Nguyen Hong Son, the CEO of EON Reality Vietnam Joint Stock Company, shared insights on the trends of Metaverse & AI in digital transformation, as well as the multi-industry applications of EON Reality products in Education, Healthcare, and Business. He highlighted notable features such as building and developing digital business content on the digital asset trading platform, creating personalized virtual assistants based on users’ specialized characteristics, and digitizing virtual reality spaces such as urban areas, tourist destinations, museums, and factories.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang, Head of the International Cooperation Department at the Agency for Technology Application and Development (SATI) under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), provided her remarks.
Dr. Dinh Van Dung, Former Deputy Director in charge of the Institute of Information Technology at the Vietnam National University, Hanoi, provided his comments.

The presentation was highly regarded by businesses, experts, the Agency for Technology Application and Development (SATI), and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for its application of new technologies from the Industry 4.0 revolution in developing the digital ecosystem and implementing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in various fields.

EON Reality Vietnam expects to seize the significant opportunities emerging in the market in the near future. With sustainable development in the fields of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, EON Reality Vietnam will continue to strive to deliver top-notch products and services, promoting progress and development within the community and fostering innovation in various sectors.


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